Meal planning by the Week or the Month?

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Meal planning by the Week or the Month?

Meal planning is a weekly occurrence in our house, I would love to be able to plan by the month or at least for a couple of weeks. However, if I plan that far in advance I never seem to be able to commit to anything and just end up throwing the plan in the garbage at the end of the month. However, meal planning is an important factor in keeping our family on the go.

It seems that the further a head I plan the less likely I am to have the groceries or the things that I need. As well, if I plan that far in advance and the kids will suddenly decided that they hate potatoes and all my meals will have included potatoes and I have to throw the whole thing out the window anyways.

There are times when it seems like I can’t plan 10 minutes in advance, but I love having the option of looking at my meal plan and saying alright tonight is roast beef and potatoes, no thought involved.

We get a weekly subscription box with fruits, vegetables, dairy and other items every Friday, from the organic box. They are wonderful at providing a large selection or both organic and locally grown produce and other groceries. They deliver right to the door which is an amazing convenience. I use the box items to help create my meal plan for the next week, if I get something I am not sure what to do with it allows for some fun experimentation in the kitchen.

We ordered a quarter of a cow, and have a large freezer with plenty of meat in it. We also order a subscription Farm box of locally raised pork, beef and chicken that allows us to have a variety of meat in the house.

A 7 day meal plan with breakfast, lunch and supper options as well as snack.



  • Homemade “Lunchables”
  • Sandwiches
  • Left Overs
  • Pizza Bagels


  • Steak Stir-fry and Wild Rice
  • Hamburgers
  • Grilled Chicken and Salad
  • Pizza
  • Roast Beef and Grilled Vegetables


This week will be filled with getting reading to go camping, so I am hoping that some of these meals will be cooked in the slow cooker so they are cooking while the rest of us are packing and cleaning. Are you a slow cooker lover, or a quick 30 minutes to dinner cooker?

A bubbly chocolate smoothie with a pink and white straw.
Yummy Ice Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie.

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