Quick and Easy Granola Bars

Quick and Easy Granola Bars

Buying granola bars has become something I hate to do, they come with 6 or less in a lot of boxes and when you have a family of 6 that is an expensive investment. Even the larger boxes last a short time, and the ingredient list is one that I am not always a fan of. There are too many ingredients that I can not pronounce. I have discovered that with a few simple ingredients we can make granola bars at home that are just as yummy if not better.

3 beautiful sprinkle dusted granola bars
Yummy peanut butter no-bake granola bars.

I am on a mission to make as many different types as I can to provide a little more variety for my family. These ones are a basic no-bake granola bar that we often turn into small bites as well. I store them in the freezer, more as an attempt to keep them around for a couple days but also they are a little soft when they sit on the counter. The fridge would work as well.

As we are a large family and often on the go so I make these in very large batches, feel free to cut back and 1/2 the recipe. However, they will last a long time in the freezer.

Use a really big bowl… mine was too small.

Sprinkles were a last minute addition to these granola bars. The kids wanted something fun, and they are loving them. Who else loves the sprinkles on everything, I think they would eat them on pizza if I let them. These can also be made in a dairy free and gluten free forms by making sure that you use gluten free oats and dairy free chocolate.

Mason jar with blue, pink and purple sprinkles.
Multi -coloured sprinkles are always fun.


Prep Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 36 bars

  • 6 cups quick oats (Gluten Free for Gluten Free Bars)
  • 3/4 cups almond flour
  • 3 cups of nut butter (or seed butter)
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup of mini chocolate chips (optional) *
  • sprinkles for the tops **
  1. Mix the nut butter, honey together and melt on the stove. Once pourable remove from the heat and add the vanilla.
  2. Pour the liquid mixture over the oats and almond flour. Mix well, the mixture will be quite soft but will set up once cooled.
  3. Mix in the chocolate chips and press into a half sheet pan or a 9×13 pan for a thicker bar.
  4. Top with the sprinkles. Press in to the bars so they do not fall off.
  5. Place the bars in the freezer for 20 minutes. Remove from the freezer and cut into bars. If you leave into long they will be hard to cut. You can then wrap individually or place into a large container.
  6. Enjoy!!

*Chocolate chips can be left out or substituted for other small add in such as toffee bits, coconut, cookie pieces, dried fruit, rasins.

**Sprinkles are not necessary but we had limited chocolate chips and the kids loved the sprinkles making them much more fun to eat.

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