Another day….

Another day….

Today is another day where we wonder what is for supper, to top it off we also wondered what was for breakfast, and lunch. We got up late this morning, and nothing was ready. I scrambled to pull things from the fridge to make lunches for the hubby and kiddos, but after having gone for the weekend it was slim pickings.

No nuts for hubby no dairy for me (both new developments) and picnic lunches for K and D as they are going on a field trip. I have a feeling that hubby might be hungry by supper time, leading me to the question of what are we going to have. No Dairy, no nuts and maybe just maybe something I can convince the kids to eat in a reasonable amount of time.

I have bacon thawed… but maybe I will cook that to have for breakfast tomorrow. yummy crispy bacon with some homemade scones or

Bacon cooked for breakfast, while doing other things. 

muffins will be prefect for a quick breakfast.  A quick check of the fridge and freezer leads me to the left over spaghetti sauce. I made a large batch for camping and we only used half of it. Spaghetti it is, or maybe zoodles for me and spaghetti for the others. I think about getting a spiralizer sometimes, but really don’t want anymore kitchen gadgets, so it will more likely be pieces of zucchini and other vegetables, rather then zoodles.

Yay for leftovers and things in the fridge and freezer.

Now if only I could become much better at creating and following a meal plan, I would eliminate one of the items that can cause much anxiety during the day, and allow for more time to write, read and play with the kiddos.

Goal for this week: create a meal plan for the rest of the month and start one for September, prepping things for the start of the school year.

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